RIM Planning to Bridge Personal & Work Together With BB 10

28/11/2012 13:26

RIM made an announcement saying the upcoming BB 10 platform will help bridge work and personal aspects of a user's life in a single handset. Basically, the company is hoping its unique concept could be enough to help entice its customers with their BB 10 Series. The next generation handsets and the upgraded operating system that go along with them are speculated for a release next year.

This is an unprecedented move that will propel BlackBerry users to be optimistic. Extending one's life beyond work may just be the answer. For the past several months, smartphone users are complaining the negative aspects of bringing one's own device to work. One good example why the bring-your-own-device scheme won't be a hit is because large scale companies will require you to wipe your phone clean.

A dilemma such as the one mentioned could position RIM to take full advantage. With the new BB 10 making its way on the market, their business approach - along with added personal concepts - could help eliminate the need for bringing one's own device to work. Wireless carriers will benefit two fold when BlackBerry does indeed push its theme of combining work and personal roles together. Carriers will enjoy offering two mobile mobile plans in a single handset.

BB 10 devices on operating on the multi-management platform has peaked interest of users and investors. Further details on the software are still somewhat limited at this time. The program labelled as Fusion, are still being worked out. There is no word on the mobile operating systems that are being managed under the program.


With RIM trying to make a comeback, it's looking for suitable companies that are willing to license its upcoming platform. RIM's developers are working hard around the clock to help finalize the BB 10 for its next line of handsets. No one is sure if the Canadian company would eventually find a suitor that can license its software at a reasonable cost. Details of license talks are murky at the moment. RIM created the BB 10 purposely to help the brand become relevant all over again.

Many have been wondering if BlackBerry's own hardware has finally evolved. Some speculate that the reason for abandoning the BB 7.1 is because it's rather limited in terms of performance and capabilities. The CEO of RIM admits that the hardware created for its BB 10 Series is catered to its physical capability based on the "human requirements." It doesn't entirely mean that its hardware will fall flat. The addition of an antenna and other innovative hardware advancements can be felt once the BB 10 is utilized.

RIM also reiterates it will do the best it can to be innovative with its products. BlackBerry is widely known for its core-business operation. The ability for the company to branch out on a personal aspect is a plus. It's also looking to help bring out added purpose for its upcoming smartphones and tablets.

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BlackBerry's Downward Spiral

07/11/2012 16:43

The case of BlackBerry isn't getting any better as it resulted to a lot of movement that would result to BlackBerry users to wipe their handsets clean. The movement, called the “Bring Your Own Device” strategy have already been in effect for quite some time now. These projects are already available in various testing projects while other stores have gone to making them available for BlackBerry users. The question is whether or not big companies would follow suit and slowly wipe BlackBerry off their mobile communications list.

Big companies wishing to follow the movement might find it hard to step in since those who have enjoyed the benefits BlackBerry provides could run into a stumbling block. Such companies who have relied on the security features of BlackBerry will no doubt feel the pinch if they decide to move on to another brand. Not only will company users be affected with the movement but it will also hurt the sizeable IT workers who have been building up on the features BlackBerry has been offering them for the many years.

Everyone knows how RIM is failing horribly in the current market and with analysts expecting the company to sink further into the abyss of failure, some felt it's time to let BlackBerry go and move on with what other competitors are offering. The technology RIM is offering seem outdated and their recent products fail to be competitive. They are no longer the top dogs of the game but their persistence of releasing updates continuously while maintaining their integrity of having the most secured mobile and data system led others to believe there is hope to the once flourishing company.

RIM's release of its new PlayBooks hasn't ignited the same excitement it once did years ago. Even though there are some who are interested in its limited line of smartphones this year, it pales to comparison on the success it had back in 2008 when RIM was at its peak. The company's BES servers offers top notch security compared to other communications brand out there. Of course RIM will not completely disappear since its communication security is highly valuable in the corporate world.

If you look at it in the long run, many are expecting Blackberry to decline in terms of the number of products it will sell in the market but at the same time, it will become important and valuable. In terms of mobile and data security, RIM still rules the landscape in big businesses.

 Companies wishing to follow the Bring Your Own Device movement to prevent themselves from feeling the effects of RIM's fallout in the future are never too late to make a move. Having each corporate employee bring their own handset to work will help them in the long run and with a plethora of mobile management products and apps available, transitioning to a new system is easier.

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BlackBerry Torch 9800: Quick Overview

06/07/2012 12:34

When Research In Motion (RIM) first unveiled the Blackberry Torch 9800 in 2010, the word on most news sites was that Blackberry had finally developed a phone that could possibly start to compete with the iPhones and Androids of the world. The Blackberry Torch 9800 was the first Blackberry to feature a slider, which allows the phone to be much more convenient to carry around as well as protecting the keyboard against any possible damage by ensuring that it is covered when the phone is in your pocket or purse.

While the slider helped to make the news headlines, there were also other features that have helped this phone to become a top selling model.  Due to the sliding keyboard, this phone features a larger screen than previous Blackberry models which makes it more attractive and gives it a unique look over previous models.

Another very important feature of the Blackberry Torch is that it was one of the first models to feature the BlackBerry OS 6 operating system, which was a vast improvement over the previous operating systems and allowed the phone to be much more intuitive and user friendly. Since the BlackBerry Torch 9800 was first unveiled, BlackBerry has again made huge improvements and in late 2011 the company released an updated version which it dubbed the 9810. This phone features the BlackBerry OS 7, which again is a big step up from the previous version.

While some people consider the BlackBerry Torch 9800 to be almost obsolete due to its being two years old, those in the know realize that this phone still has a lot of potential for use. In fact, in early 2012 BlackBerry released an official, updated version of the OS 6 operating system. This newest version is OS and again features many upgrades that have allowed the BlackBerry Torch 9800 to remain one of the companys most popular models of smart phones.


Introducing The Chromebox

06/06/2012 15:11

Celebrating the first year anniversary of the Chrome Operating System, Google decided to raise the stakes they have released two computer systems along with Samsung, Chromebook series 5 550 and Chromebox 3. The first is an improved version of the Chrome OS laptop and Chromebox is a small desktop that requires a separate keyboard and mouse. Google has also given their operating system an overhaul, putting a new emphasis on applications.

The new Chrome OS computers are designed for speed. Series 5 550 has an Intel Core processor, 2.5 times faster than the previous version's Intel Atom chips. Chromebox is a small computer, much like the Mac Mini. It is 3.5 times faster than last year's Chromebook and has six USB ports. Both computers have a good capacity for accelerated graphics, which helps makes them faster. This makes them decent computers for running PC games.

Both of Google's new computers will be using the Chrome R19 operating system, which offers a more traditional, Windows-like user interface. It uses more windows and has a space so that the computer user can customize their desktop, although the focus is still very much on apps. It will also be integrated with the cloud storage system, Google Drive, an contents will be synched with ease so that the computer user can access files in the cloud from different devices.

A beta version of Chrome Remote Desktop will also be released, which will allow computer users to gain access to their computers from any place in the world where they have installed Chrome. One year ago, Google, Samsung, and Acer launched the first Chrome OS computer system to improve computer users' experiences, but it did not sell well. With these new models, they plan to raise the stakes after June there will be Chrome zones, Google spaces in important retail stores such as Best Buy. There, computer users will be able to try out their operating system at their leisure. However, Chrome is still targeting the business world, hoping to place their new computers in call centers and office environments.

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Helping You Unfreeze Your Xbox 360

17/04/2012 16:17

The Xbox is a sixth-generation video game console launched by Microsoft Corporation in 2001. In 2005 Microsoft launched its successor XBOX 360 which is a seventh generation video game console. The popularity of these video game consoles can be imagined by the fact that by 31st March 2011 there were over 53.6 million XBOX 360 consoles all over the world. With many attractive features including XBOX live which allows users to play and compete online, this gadget is very popular among children and grownups alike. But as all machines have limitations, this device is no exception. The most common problem faced by the XBOX owners while playing games is that of freezing of the XBOX. The most common question they are found asking to fellow people, on search engines and social networking sites is why is my XBOX freezing...

Indications denoting to the freezing of an XBOX

Display freezes - The screen gets hung up with none of the buttons except the power button working.

Static noise - Sometimes the audio of the console also gets frozen and you may hear a static low horn like sound.

Controller lights - The harmonious action of the controller lights that used to denote processing gives way to weirdo flickering.

Graphic error - You may find haphazard graphics with checkerboard like display in between your game play.

Overheating - Playing for long hours round the clock by gaming addicts may cause overheating of the device.

Error 71 - Display of this error message on the screen displays a general hardware failure.

If simply switching the power off and rebooting is not solving your problem, and in between your play the XBOX is freezing again and again you can follow the following tips before calling/going to a technician.

1. Xbox freezing only on specific games
Many times while worrying over the freezing problem one may overlook this obvious cause i.e. scratch, dirt or markings etc. on the game CD. Clean and reinsert the disc. If the freezing problem is resolved it is fine, if still it is happening at the same area/ same point of time then replace your disc. If the XBOX freezes in different gaming zones/ different points of time then the problem might be in the hard-drive or overheating. If the XBOX freezing occurs for the first time while using a new game it may be due to the requirement of game patching. You can inquire blogs and online forums to see if other people are experiencing the same problem else get your game replaced.

2. If the XBOX freezes only while playing online
In this case the most obvious reasons may be linked with internet connection and speed rather than the console. Check your firewall settings and confirm that the internet is properly connected and delivering optimum speed. If using broadband connection use filters to nullify the affect of the phone calls.

3. Formatting the hard drive cache of XBOX

Hard drive cache is the temporary information stored so that some parts of the game can be loaded quickly. These temporary data may sometimes get corrupted and in a struggling effort to read them the XBOX ends up freezing. Formatting your XBOX cache is harmless in the sense that all your data and games are preserved.

If you need more help check out Microsoft's Screen Freeze Solution. Now I just hope this won't happen with the upcoming Microsoft XBOX, which is rumored to be released between late 2012 and 2013. I can't wait to get my hands on it!